My therapeutic approach is humanistic and integrative, and I draw from attachment, structural and systemic theories. I am client-centered and believe it is important to meet people where they are. I believe that a systemic change is needed for an individual in any given system to improve. I also believe that our early experiences have relevance and play a role in shaping our individual psychological functioning.

I have created The Golden Rain Tree (Cassia Fistula) out of beadwork and artist’s wire. The Golden Rain Tree is also known as the Golden Sunshine Tree. It is a flowering plant used in Ayurvedic medicine and is known as the “aragvadha,” which means “disease killer.”

Trees have historically carried the theme of growth and new beginnings. While creating this tree, I felt the green leaves symbolized a thriving life while the yellow flowers symbolized the sunshine of new beginnings.

Humanity is connected to nature in profound and sacred ways. We are similar to trees in that we have a crown, limbs, and trunk. We have roots. I am naturally drawn to places with many trees. Nature has always been a source of creativity for me. Making beaded trees allows me to enter a meditative space that refreshes my spirit and mind. Acquiring the skills necessary to make these trees has helped me to live a more satisfied and fulfilled life while also expanding my identity to include the role of Artist. In my professional life as a Marriage and Family Therapy Intern, creativity has been an outlet for self-care and has assisted me in understanding the healing power of art for my clients.

Personal growth and development allows a person to live a productive life which involves emotional, physical, social and spiritual realms. Like the many growing leaves of this Sunshine Tree, our skills overlap and complement each other while also giving fullness to our lives just as the leaves give fullness to this magnificent tree.

The richer the tree with its leaves (life skills) the more shade it provides for others to rest in. Our own personal development will affect our surroundings in this same way and give others as well as ourselves a sense of rest and joy.